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Rigging & Staging


Prolyte MPT System

Prolyte H30V 0.5m

Prolyte H30V 0.6m

Prolyte H30V (1, 2 , 3, 4m)

Prolyte H30V Black (1, 2, 3, 4m)

Prolyte H30V-C005 135 Degree

Prolyte H30V-C012 3 Way Corner

Prolyte H30V 6 Way Block

Prolyte H30L 1m

Prolyte H30L 2m

Prolyte H30L 3m


Prolyte S36R 0.5m

Prolyte S36R 2m

Prolyte S36R 3m

Prolyte S40T 1m

Prolyte S40T 2m

Prolyte S40T 3m

Milos 8m Truss Circle


EXE-Rise D8+ 1000kg

EXE-Rise D8+ 500kg

EXE-Rise D8+ 250kg


Outboard LV6 Motor Controller

Outboard LV12 Motor Controller



Motor Control Cabling

Wide range of rigging accessories, including: 

  • Bow Shackles

  • D-Shackles

  • Master 'O' Rings

  • Steel Wire Rope

  • Spansets

  • Soft Steels

  • Beam Clamps

  • Poly Soft Steel Wire



Prolyte LiteDeck TopLok 8ft x 4ft

Prolyte LiteDeck TopLok 8ft x 2ft

Prolyte LiteDeck TopLok 4ft x 4ft

Prolyte LiteDeck TopLok 6ft x 2ft

Prolyte LiteDeck 4ft x 2ft

Handrail and step systems

For roofing systems and bespoke deck systems, including Layher please contact us at

Front of House Barrier

Eurotruss Crowd Barrier Straight Section (1035mm)

Eurotruss Crowd Barrier Access & Cable Gate (1035mm)

Eurotruss Crowd Barrier Vario Flexi Corner (1250mm)

Available for dry hire as well as part of full production. To enquire, email

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